Python drag and drop gui

Hi I just finished the Python 3 Pro course and it was fantastic.
I was wondering: are there any wysiwyg/drag and drop IDEs for creating GUIs in Python?

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there is python binding for QT (they named it: pyqt, what a surprise). This includes drag and drop for designing the interface, but you would still have to build the functionality (what buttons do, maybe a database attached to your application)

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Thanks a lot. What I’d really like is to use python to build android applications. When I Google this topic, a lot of the terms are foreign to me such as porting and binding.

Would you be so kind as to please explain to me like i’m 5 what they mean here?

I really wish part of the python course covered a bit about how to go about what it takes to build and deploy a python application with a GUI, how to choose an IDE etc.

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there aren’t many GUI applications build in python, often other languages are deemed better for GUI development.

i would recommend kivy:

its cross platform, and seems to be less complicated then pyQt for example. Even better would be to choice a language that supports JVM (so java or kotlin), then you can just use android studio.

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Thanks I’ll give Kivy a try.