Python Document Going Way Over my Head

I just started the Data Science career path. I work in product, but have no background in coding. The exercises were great and easy to follow but I hit my first document in the path: Built-In Types in Python fundamentals. The document is going way over my head! I can’t even understand the terms within it, let alone the message it’s trying to teach. Are these documents supposed to be for beginners? Am I missing out by not reading it and understanding it comprehensively?

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Hi Sharon!
I think you’re looking at the following page: Built-in Types — Python 3.9.2 documentation
This is a very informative page, but it’s best used for reference especially for beginners. I know that it is a bit loaded, but don’t worry about the parts that don’t make any sense right now. If you try to look it all up and understand it all right at the beginning, you’ll just end up digging yourself into a hole.
Right now, some of the sections should be informative - such as Boolean operators, comparisons, and numeric types. This document may go more in depth than the Codecademy lessons, so it is helpful to look at to deepen your understanding. As you go through the Data Science / Python course, you’ll get more practice under your belt and learn the more intricate details more naturally. Every once in a while you can come back to these reference pages and see what more details you understand and what more knowledge you can absorb!
Coding is like many things - it takes a lot of practice! You’ll write a lot of code and read a lot of code, and eventually you’ll understand a lot more on those reference pages! So no sweat, it just takes time :slight_smile: Good luck!


That’s perfect! Thank you so much. :slight_smile: I assumed it might make more sense later on down the line, but wasn’t sure if I was missing out on something already. Will bookmark the page for future reference.