Python Course - Quiz #1


while following your Python course I happened upon a small inconsistency in the first Quiz.
The correct answer here is “string” and so it should be, but the question might be more suitable for the end of section 2.
I appreciate the fact that this is a “trick question”. However it is not appropriate in Quiz #1 since you have only taught data type “number” and “boolean” at this point. String is what comes up right AFTER the quiz.
You have also not mentioned that boolean values(or built-in constants in general) have to be capitalized.
I would also like to add that I found the segment on whitespace unsatisfying.
“This code is faulty, indent with 4 spaces.” Does not explain what it is in the first place and why doing so fixes it. Also, spaces over tab without a mention of the latter?
I would hope and assume that more information on this subject is given later on so it feels out of place in segment 1 since whitespace (or the parent, child, grandchild concept) is not relevant for any of the following slides.