Python course outdated?


Is the python course outdated? I ask because some of the code doesn't work when I put it into idle and run it on python 3.5.1


Yes it is.  


I'd rather see that Python3 was used, but it's the same language, doesn't really matter much, that's what google is for.

If you want to learn Python, spend time with it, either version, doesn't matter overly much.

The differences you're likely to encounter are:

Python3 uses input for user input, Python2 uses raw_input. Same function, different name.
Dividing an int by another int produces a float in Python3, but an int in Python2
Python3's str class is Python2's unicode class, but they behave the same for the basic stuff.
print is a function in Python3, but a statement in Python2
some functions that produce lists in Python2 create some kind of iterable object in Python3 instead



I likes this site and I have been recommending it to people.
A couple of weeks ago I recommended it to someone that wanted to learn Python.
But I was very surprised when I logged in and saw that Codecademy still teaches Python 2 and not 3.

I know that there are not fundamental differences, however there are some important ones.
Enough so that people trying to run code on their machine might not work (distributions like Arch have Python3 as default and others like Ubuntu and Fedora are planing to switch in the next releases).

Python2 is considered deprecated (it's in maintenance mode) and Python3 is the current stable version.
So why bother teaching new people a version that is already deprecated?

I understand that there are still Python2 programs out there and they'll be around for some time. However, someone who wants to learn Python, wants to learn the version of the future, not the one of the past.

Therefore, I am calling out to the Codecademy devs to push for migration to Python3 by promoting new rather than old.



Differences aren't that big.

Meaning that changing shouldn't be such a big deal. Maintenance activity appears to be at around zero though.