Python course: Omitting Indices


Hi, I think the order is constructed pretty bad, look:

  1. Use list slicing to print out every odd element of my_list from start to finish.
  2. Omit the start and end index. You only need to specify a stride.
  3. Check the Hint if you need help.

It doesn't tell the student that you should write identical slice, but you just should avoid start and the end. I wasted my time on thinking what stride should be there.


No time is wasted if you learned something. Don't blame the tool. Expect more from yourself. Nothing prohibits us from going to the web for documentation and examples.


I know but I was writing about the constuction of exercise. Just order is bad-constructed.


It won't matter come January. This course will be gone by then as I understand it. There is nothing we can do.