Python course lacks thoroughness in teaching syntax

Working on Python 3, I’m currently in the ‘Control Flow’ module at the lesson on Boolean Operators: not.
It’s not the first time in this module that I’ve had to give up and get the answer because I always had an issue with syntax, not logic. My logic was always sound but since the course didn’t properly provide examples of good use of the syntax needed for the new function/operator/… learned in the lesson, we’re just left guessing!?

I let it go a few times in previous lessons but having to give up all the time is depressing and not good for motivation so please try to address this.

As a concrete example, on the 2nd exercises of the lesson linked above, we are expected to include the newly learned AND and NOT operators.

At that lesson, the NOT is introduced for the first time. The only example usage of the NOT are in the very short example just before, the 1st exercise.

But then in exercise 2, the NOT is used right after an IF and even repeated on the same line after the AND…how was I supposed to know that if you don’t show me at least once before??
I tried starting with only the NOT, adding parentheses, changing indentation, etc…
I had no way of knowing that’s what the syntax requires!
Thanks for reading, hope you will do something about it.
Otherwise…loving the course! :wink:

Hi @chumbolito. Thanks for flagging. I’m sending this over to our Curriculum Quality team to have a look. I’ll circle back here once I know more. :slight_smile: