Python course for a physics degree - 'Analyze Data with Python'

Hi just a general question about which course to take. I am an undergraduate physics student in the UK and really need to up my coding skills, I have a basic knowledge of Python but really need to improve this. Could anyone point me in the right direction and give me some feedback on a few courses?

I am currently thinking of taking the ‘Analyze Data with Python’ course. As this involves topics I have seen before and need to get better at, such as using SciPy and Matplotlib. So does anyone have a general overview about this course and if it would be right for a physics student? If not could you point me in the right direction!

Thank you so much.


I’m afraid I’ve not taken that particular course but I assume it’s decent enough. As with anything else if you take some of what you learn from the course and apply it to your actual work (even if it’s something you’ve already completed) you’ll take it in to a much greater degree . As reference Physics is my background (up to postdoc) and I wound up using a fair few languages briefly but I’d always advocate for Python (I am really really biased towards Python btw so getting another opinion wouldn’t hurt). If you’re planning on doing computational modelling or certain kinds of theoretical maths you’d probably wind up using a faster/easier language in due course but I can’t see how learning analysis in Python would ever be a bad thing. Python’s a nice one because the available libraries are so extensive you can often get all sorts things running very quickly.

Your best bet would be to check in with your uni to ask what languages they cover during your course (and either get a head-start or learn something entirely different to expand your skillset).

It may be early days but if you have a chance for a major project at any point find the group/professors etc. who are involved with that topic and ask them what they use for modelling/analysis/visualisation or otherwise as you’ll have a much easier time if you follow the group’s preference. Unless they’re true misanthropes through and through (in which case think carefully about whether the that particular project is worth it) you’re likely to get an over-enthusiastic response which might help you to make a choice.

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