Python cource completed... now what?


I completed the Python course...

I was looking at the list of API lessons but Python versions are for sites/services I never ever want use. So it's rather useless :frowning:

I can tell you one thing, after this course, you can't really program anything useful (it's subjective of course) so more lessons are needed.

Can someone recommend me where to go from here.


There are very more courses online, and library's which you can learn. The question, what do you want to learn?


The best way to truly learn something is to find a project you want to complete and work on that. The knowledge will come naturally as you will need specific solutions to specific problems.

If you are learning to code to build games then build a simple game. Even hangman will do, as it will show you where you have improved, what you know, and what you still need to learn.

If you still have any questions feel free to ask.



codecademy has only one Python course. :slight_smile:
There is no "build a website with Python", there is no useful API lessons, nothing about how to use JSON with Python, there is no Python -> (My)SQL lessons.

If there is, please post URL.


I didn't say the lessons where on codecademy, there are so many other resources.

If you want to build a webapp with python, use django or flask (and i believe there is also a third, i forgot what it is called)

At certain point, you have to switch to documentation, no more interactive tutorials...


OK, thanks.
Moving to

My latest :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I need to move on and use curses or as you recommended, a web page maybe.


I personally suggest learning Ruby, then moving onto Ruby on Rails. I find it much easier to use when creating web applications!

Edit: -----------------
The course here is very, very good.


Goo idea designrockstar56352, I'll take a look at it. Almost everything is web based.


But I think I am going to stay with Python for now. Otherwise I end up learning none of them :slight_smile:


But then you would have to learn ruby first, i would learn django or flash. Just use google to search for tutorials