Python Control Flow: Medical Insurance Project - Task 10 (Extra)

has anyone got the code solution to Task 10 of Python Control Flow: Medical Insurance Project?

the instructions are:

  1. Use try and except statements to build error control into your code.
  2. In your analyze_bmi() function, notify the individual how much they need to lower their BMI to bring it to a normal weight range.
  3. Create a new function or code block that utilizes control flow in some way – feel free to experiment!

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I’m also quite stuck on this try & except assignment. I tried it like the following:

  def analyze_bmi(bmi_value):
    return bmi_value
  if bmi <= 10:
    print("bmi input incorrect")

It does however not print anything. Is it because the try&except statements should be included in another function? If so, how exactly should the statements be denoted? I’m unsure about what statements follow ‘try’ and ‘except’.
Can someone help? :slight_smile: Merci!

It is because there isn’t really any reason for the

def analyze_bmi(bmi_value):
  return bmi_value

to throw an error. Why do you make a function that returns it’s parameter? Do you actually need the try…except here?