Python... Continuation

Hello everyone,

I’m looking for a possible way to continue learning python past codecademy for a friend. I personally just continued learning by searching the internet for what I needed to know specifically, but does anyone have a set lesson plan by any chance? Anything anyone has would be appreciated, thanks.

Codewars and Project Euler are two useful sites for sharpening skills and learning new ones.

I haven’t checked these, but on a Google search for ‘free python course’:

and here are some questions similar to yours on Quora:
Which online Python course is the best?
What is the best follow up to Codecademy’s Python course?

Thanks @mtf and @jibblyj I’ll take a look. I’ll keep this open to further suggestions in case anyone else has anything.



This article might help you: FAQ - Free resources to train your programming skills

@zainabrawat I’ve worked myself a little bit with codingame. Which of those would you recommend for someone just finishing the Codecademy python courses?

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