Python console is not working and course progress is not saved

I, usually, have two tabs open on my browser (Chrome v83), one for the actual courses that I am taking in Python 3 and the other one for Python 3 syllabus page showing my progress in front of each row. Since yesterday, I noticed the progress in front of an Interactive lesson is not increasing, but I didn’t get it seriously as I thought it might be a cache problem. I was continuing the course on my other open tab and went further with course progress, but today in the morning, the console was not (and still is not) working for me with an error showing : “Unable to connect to Codecademy” on top right corner of the console. Ctrl+F5 and even loading pages in another browser (Firefox) in which I was not logged in to Codecademy before did not help as I experienced this issue on Firefox too. I think it might be a server issue on Codecademy or a session issue related to my account. Can you please investigate it and confirm if there is an issue from Codecademy, and not user side?
btw. I can easily load different page on Codecademy including my profile and forum. So, I don’t think if the issue is coming from my internet connectivity.

update1. I just checked and I have the same issue with C++ course as well. “Unable to connect to Codecademy” error shown up on console.

update2. I am running Chrome 83.0.4103.116 (Official Build) (64-bit) on Windows 8.1 with 16GB ram

update3. I tried with another network, my phone (cellular network) hotspot shared with my laptop, and the issue still persists.



Hi @nimasajedi.

Have a quick look at this response to see if it helps clear up any errors-

It’s possible it might not solve your issue but it’s a good place to start.


You’re right. The network provider has blocked all requests to that is weird. So, I confirm that the issue is from my side. Thanks for giving me the hint.

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I’m having the same issue. is being blocked.
How did you solve the issue?

Probably your network provider has blocked access to it. Try using a VPN when accessing Codecademy, or use another network provider until Codecademy finds a solution for this spreading issue.
In my case, I used another network provider. Although, if it’s possible for you, use a VPN that encrypts your data so that your network provide won’t see it. Also, make sure that your browser is not loading from cache, and no extension is blocking or interfering your access.