Python - Conditionals & Control Flow - 2. Compare Closely! - numbered list wrong

The numbered list is wrong on the page above.

In Conditionals & Control Flow 2. Compare Closely!

Minor glitch in comparison to your answers. You are cheating by writing the full expressions rather than evaluating them in your head and entering the boolean result. It may let you pass, but what practice did you give your thinking process?

To @mtf :
Yepp! Since this part is too easy for me, I decided to make this a practice for knowing the priority of the operators( = & != ), and for knowing that whether Codecademy accepts this kind of answer or not.

Let’s take bool_five for example. It may equals to:

bool_five = 99
bool_five != (98 + 1)
# So bool_five = 98 at the end.

But since i passed this test, so it’s actually

bool_five = (99 != (98 + 1))
# So bool_five = False at the end.

and then I know that != is more prior to =, same as c++ and c#.

And at the same time I know that Codecademy doesn’t ban this kind of answer.

Of course this may be a bug, too. (I mean this may be bad for someone who is new to programming)

But it’s really boring when you aren’t new to programming, since we write hundreds of this kind of ifs every day.

I just want to know the basic syntax of Python, so I think testing how the system work isn’t “cheating”, Codecademy is a good website for self-learning, I can’t even imagine someone who has so much extra time to cheat here.

And, of course, my topic is about the Wrong Numbered List.

But if you can fix the so-called Cheating system, it can help a lot of users who cannot understand the question too.

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I meant ‘cheating’ in the positive light, not ‘dirty cheating’. Good that you took the time to explore precedence of opertations. That is a critical skill to develop.