Python Command Center


Hi there my name is Swewok and I recently just finished the intro to python course here on codecademy. I wanted to further hone my skills in python by taking the final project on. I just downloaded the python 2.7 command center program but am unable to do anything with it and I was just wondering if any of you guys had any insight on what I can do to get this thing started.
Thanks for your help,


Did you install Python with a link on the taskbar? If so, you should have the IDLE button thereā€¦


Click that to open the Python Shell. In the File menu, click New File to open the editor. Create your code and save it, then press F5 to run it in the shell.

Alternatively you can write code directly into the shell at the >>> prompt for immediate execution. Multiline code needs to be Shift Entered after each line. To redo a line, click the end and Enter. It can be edited and Entered again.