Python Codebits: Where are they?



How do you make a Python CodeBit? I've have a lot of projects and code I would like to make into CodeBits! It's a great way to save your code too :slight_smile: I hope this feature could be incorporated soon!


Hi @rayvenmaker,

Here's how to create codebits!

If you want to play, share and save python code, I believe you should try the lab! :microscope:



See the image:

What's the lab? Thanks!

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Hi @rayvenmaker

Codebits are more like plain or interactive webpages than Python programs.

You could see the codebit window as the equivalent of having a text editor on the left side and a web browser window on the right side. Changes made to the code in the editor on the left are instantly reflected on the right side, which makes it a nice playground to experiment in real time with HTML, CSS and Javascript code but one that is not well suited for Python experimentations and here's why...

During the Python lessons on Codecademy, what you had is the equivalent of a text editor window on the left and the console output of the Python code interpreter on the right. Python code alone cannot output something like a webpage, it needs a web framework like Django, Flask or Pyramid for that.

If all you want to do is experiment with Python the way you have been doing in the lessons, I wouldn't recommand you take the web framework route just now as it requires knowledge far more advanced than what is taugh here on Codecademy...

But I would definitely recommand you head to the lab! :microscope: :smile:

You will be able to code anything in Python, press the "Run" button to see the ouput appears on the right side of the screen just like in the lessons but with the added bonus of being able to save your code as a text file on your computer or share it to anyone with a link.

I have an idea for you: How about making use of both and make a codebit webpage that contains the links to all your Python Lab experiments? :smile:

Have fun!


Thanks for all your help :smile: ! I'll definitely try the lab, and thanks for all the links! I like the idea of using the CodeBits page as a portal to the lab. Thank you!

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I tried this, im looking to create a html/css codebit, but theres no option sayingg new codebits, it just says what projects ive completed


Hi @shrey5656,

In the following web address, try changing the {USERNAME} variable for your codecademy username:{USERNAME}/codebits

for exemple, my username being denisaltroy, I would type:

and yours will probably be:

Following that link, you should see the NEW CODEBIT button :slightly_smiling: