Python Code Challenges: Classes (Advanced) - Testing on uncovered material

Hi, I am on the final part of the basic PRO Python Course. In this final coding challenge it tests our knowledge of “classes and interactions between multiple classes.” however in the introduction to classes module, this was not covered so I am a bit lost. I have looked through the syllabus and there is no mention of sub classes, inheritance or super()init which seems to be in the solutions but I have not seen before. Have I completely missed a lesson somewhere or am I meant to find this information somewhere else?

So far on this course everything that has been tested has also been taught previously thus my confusion. Thanks in advance if someone can provide a link to the Codecademy lesson where I can find out about these things.

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Some of the stuff on objects and classes and inheritance is here:

the lesson “Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming”


Thank you so much! I see this is part of the intermediate Python course which I was planning on starting next anyway, I have reported to Codecademy the issue so hopefully they can tag a quick lesson on the end of classes introduction so that others don’t run into this issue.