Python code challenge - square root

code attached - I cannot figure out the correct code, if anyone might help.

The instructions are to use ** for square root, but that sounds like the opposite approach.
Also, I tried to use sqrt() but the reader does not recognize it?!
Any input appreciated.

Square roots in math belong to a set of operands called rational exponents; that is, they are fractions. 1/2 is a square root exponent; 1/3 is a cube root exponent, and so on.

If we square a square root we get back to the original number.

2/2, 3/3, 4/4

and so on.

The square of a cube root is, 2/3.

x ** (1/2)  =>  x ** 0.5

are both square roots represented by rational exponents.

As for sqrt(), that belongs to the math module.

from math import sqrt

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