Python Code Challenge: Become a Pokemon Master, Where to begin

Python Code Challenge: Become a Pokemon Master

I am having some difficulty with beginning this project. Does this project assume that I have some understanding/knowledge of Pokeman and its mechanics? I have spent most of my time so far just trying to understand Pokemon than actually writing code. Is this expected?

Should attributes like level and max health be according to the Pokeman game or do I just arbitrarily decide these? Where do I following the game and where do I implement my own judgement in order to focus on practicing the concepts covered in this challenge.

It probably would be easier if you were familiar with one of the games but you should hopefully be able to write a working code without this script (apologies but I’ve not actually done the project so perhaps it’s more complex than I anticipate but I hope not). I think semi arbitrary values for some of the attributes is the best choice.

I checked the first hint and these were the suggested attributes so I included the relevant data types for them. I’d probably just use a value between 1 and 100 for any integer, it seems easiest that way. From what I recall of the early games those would be fairly sensible values anyway.

Attributes: str, self.level: int, int, self.max_health: int, self.type: str, self.is_knocked_out: bool.

Thanks, yea I was so excited to do this project but I feel like I’ve fallen down a rabbit hole of Pokemon mechanics and I’ve lost sight of where to even begin.

I’ll stick to using some arbitrary values so I can focus on getting some working code.

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I think that’s the right choice. Hopefully the instructions cover enough to get a working script going. If there were minor changes required to values it should be a quick fix if the logic is there which sounds eerily like the description of many actual projects.

If you did have questions on the mechanics you might get lucky on the forums. Fingers crossed the instructions cover enough to do without though.

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