Python code already filled in for my students


I’m using Codecademy to teach Python in my class. This year a lot of my students have the code of excercises already filled in before they have done anything.
A code reset fixes it for that particular excercise, but when they move on to the next, the code is filled in again.

It’s annoying of course to have to reset manually all the time. Also it hinders learning since the’ve already seen the right answer before they start.

Anyone ales have this problem. Is it related to the migration of the python course to the new interface.
There’s some other stability issues as well that I haven’t encountered before (editor stuck at running, code from a previous excercise filled in instead of the right code etc.)

Jochum van Weert

I just started having this exact problem, trying to go through for my programming class. Not sure what’s going on, I haven’t had this issue with the html lessons.

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Could one of you please give me a link to an exercise which is consistently showing this problem?


Hi Zystvan,

Sorry for not responding earlier. I kind of just soldiered on with the course and never checked this thread again. My Python CodeCademy experience this year was bumpy to say the least. A lot of my students have had the code filled in sometimes as mentioned before. Also the editor would get stuck a lot. Sometimes the python interpreter would prompt for input, but we were unable to type in the console until we refreshed the browser. Sometimes parts of the code would be invisible (the text was there and the zscripts run fine, but the right half of the lines were invisible. All kind of weird bugs. It’s the 3rd year I’ve used the Python course, but never had these problems before. Maybe to do with the migration to the new interface?

However, since you asked for excercises that consistently show this problem. I’m currently preparing my HTML5/CSS lessons for another class. And the 2nd and 3rd excercises ("!DOCTYPE" and “Preparing for HTML”) of the first lesson of the HTML course consistently have the right answer already filled in. I tried with 3 different accounts, one of which was freshly registered. I’m hoping you can check on these. I’ve been happily using codecademy for 3 yeras, but the buggy experience is really hindering the learing of my students, since they sometimes don’te realise what’s going on with the code already filled in.

Thanks for looking into it.


Started the HTML course this week in my classes and all my students have their code already filled in a bunch of exercises (like the “!DOCTYPE” and “Preparing for HTML” exercises, but a bunch of others as well).

I’m surely no the only one with this problem?

Am I really the only one? All of my about 100 students have the problem, I have it myself on different computers at different times using different browsers. I really don’t know what to try to fix or debug this anymore. It’s in the python course as well as in the HTML course.

The only conclusion I can come to is that the problem is on the server side. But no one else seems to have this problem judging by the lack of other responses (besides @robodav). So that’s really weird to me. Any pointers would be much appreciated.

@jochum I can’t find the exercises you’re referring to, would you mind posting a link? I’ll be happy to take a look and see what I can do to fix it.

When you run across an issue with the interface like text being cut off, I suggest you try reporting it through the form beneath the instructions on the left, or filing a bug through the help desk.

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Hey Zystvan,

Thanks for your reply. I wanted to grab the links to the HTML excercises I mentioned to post them here. Then I noticed that in those 2 exercises the answers are meant to be filled in already and the excercise is simply to examine the code, not add anything. Oops. That’s pretty stupid of me. Since I’ve sincerely had the problem with my python course earlier this year, I jumped to the conclusion too quickly that the same problem was occurring here. My bad!

However the problem was around in my python course, but it’s been a while since I taught it. I’ll go and check if I can still replicate the problem there and post a link to an exercise with the issue.

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