Python: classes bonus challenges: Student.attendance()

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Can anyone help. I’ve been battling with the .attendance bonus challenge in the classes section of the python path. Where we add a student’s attendance to a dictionary of dates and booleans.

I keep getting the error: “TypeError: ‘dict’ object is not callable” It’s fine the first time it’s used but whenever I try to add a second entry into the dictionary I get the error message. Here’s my code below.

def attendance (self, boolean):
import datetime
date =
self.attendance = {}
return self.attendance.update({date: boolean})


Normally we import modules at the top of the code, not inside a function.

attendance() is an instance method and attempting to define a variable of the same name could be the problem, here.

Please post a link to the exercise so we can examine the instructions and test some examples.

Great thanks. Here;s the link to the exercise:

The question is:
“Add an instance variable to Student that is a dictionary called .attendance , with dates as keys and booleans as values that indicate whether the student attended school that day.”

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The instance variable should be defined in the __init__() method.

As for how it is updated that will take another method.


# before the class
from datetime import datetime

# in the class
def set_attendance(self, value):
    now =
    self['{}/{}/{}'.format(now.year, now.month,] = value
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