Python - Can anyone person suggest a code for this challengable algorithm?

Please suggest a solution for this algorithm.

This from a greenhorn… New bus interval suggests to me a class. That could be a starting place.

Can you explain a bit more?

At present, given zero information, no.

OK. Thanks. If you have new information please let me know.

Hi, @simanii ,

I believe that the reason @mtf and anyone else reading this thread have not been able to provide suggestions is that we need to have you provide us with additional details regarding what you are trying to accomplish. The nice diagram you have provided would be much more informative if we could also see a verbal description of what needs to be done. If the solution needs to be implemented using particular software, such as ArcGIS, so that it can represent a street layout and locations of traffic signals, please also specify that.

Be sure to tell us more about how the genetic algorithm needs to be optimized.

As you can see, I want to optimize bus speed and signal timing techniques.
You suppose that bus stops are near junctions which are bus stations.
The speed of bus= 40 km/h
the spped of bus varies 10 km/h
stops=30 seconds
length of streets= attached

If more information is needed, please let me know to add them.

Hi @simanii ,

An actual street grid has many intersections, and therefore offers numerous possible routes. During their routes, buses must eventually return to the same stops, and this might involve a loop or a back-and-forth route, both of which are more complex than what you have represented in the diagram.

It appears that you need to seek the expertise of someone who has knowledge of mapping (GIS) and traffic management systems. Python is used as a scripting language for ArcGIS. Are you writing a script to use with that mapping system?