Python book after the course



I' m about to finish the codecademy course of python, but I'd like to improve further my python knowledge, like try, except and the socket module, so I was thinking about buying a book.
Any suggestions?
Thanks for the help.


Why buy a book? There are so many online resources, which are updated faster then the books. python has extensive documentation, from which you can learn a lot.

You can always search google for books: best python book, which results in quora-beginners python book and full stack python


I usually learn better from a book, I already probe that to me with ruby.
And about google, everyone says something different.
But thanks for the advice.


well, instead of buying a book, go to your library to see what they have. Or a school library nearby (if possible)

Yea, everyone says something different, you are going to get the same result here on the forum. I heard many good things about learn python the hard way, i have it in pdf, but not sure if it is also a real book


Yeah I also finished Python the hard way.
I just found what I was looking for, Codewars. Seems challenging and progressive, looks good to me.


you asked for a book, codewars is not exactly a book, but a great challenge.

You finished it? That is one extensive book (or did you do the online version? Which is shorter)


Here’s some more of the best Python books.