Python Block Letters Project

Hi all. I just started working on this project:
The problem is that I’m blind and so have no idea how to make the block letters for my name. The information on how to do it isn’t accessible. Can anyone look at the project information and give me information on how to place the letters I would use to make the block letters L and C? I get the idea and think I could get it from there. Thanks.

Here’s the code that would do S L

print(" SSS   L")
print("S   S  L")
print("S      L")
print(" SSS   L")
print("    S  L")
print("S   S  L")
print(" SSS   LLLLL")

Hi. I saw that, And I know I would use L and C to create the letters for my name, but I don’t know where to put them to shape the letters. That’s very visual, and I can’t see the picture that’s supposed to help.

Here’s an example with more letters. (Notice that some of the spaces have been replaced with a letter character.)

print("L            A         SSS     CCC")
print("L           A A       S   S   C   C")
print("L          A   A      S       C    ")
print("L         A     A      SSS    C    ")
print("L        AAAAAAAAA        S   C    ")
print("L       A         A    S   S  C   C")
print("LLLLLL A           A    SSS    CCC")   

I will pass this along to someone at CC. Thank you for bringing it up. This is a problem that needs to be addressed and corrected.


@laniebird91 Thanks for raising this issue! I’ve passed this along to our accessibility team, and they’re looking into it.

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@laniebird91 our accessibility team would love to connect to discuss some options.

Keep an eye out for a DM from @ormegano requesting additional information! :slightly_smiling_face:

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