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Hello, everybody! I have just finished beginners course in Python. I had little or no problems understanding syntax, and how everything works. However, I do struggle when it comes doing some complex stuff by myself. Sometimes I get confused and stuck. For example, last thing I did in this course was Classes project. I was able to make classes, methods and other stuff during the project, and maybe some other more demanding stuff, but when it comes to something complex , thats where the problems start. Sometimes the instructions are vague and then even if I have some idea of what I should do, I doubt myself and then look at a hint, or a solution. Other times its just simply too much code for a noob like myself and then I get lost or confused. All that causes frustration, naturally. I pressure myself too much and I expect to know all this on my own, and maybe I should know all that, but then again, maybe I shouldnt. So, if any of you out there had/have similar feeling, please give me some advice, or critic. Share it with me please. Im not going to simply give up, but I hate this feeling of not being able to finish more projects entirely on my own… When will I be able to do all that basic coding from my head with out looking at hints and/or solutions? What should I do next? Should I go to intermediate course, or should I go through basics again? Thanks in advance!

Don’t panic!! I think most people feel like you do.
There’s a lot to learn and understand, so don’t feel defeated if things don’t sink in straight away.
Personally, I’d say getting the basics down and understanding program flow is the most important thing. Everything else then builds on top of that.
As with a lot of things, practice helps a lot and can help you get more comfortable with things, but don’t feel you need to remember everything in detail.
It’s not a joke that a programmers greatest skill is how to use google.

As to whether you go onto intermediate or redo the basic ?
That’s up to you, but there’s nothing stopping you from doing both. Maybe try the intermediate and if you’re struggling pop back to the relevant basic section.
I sometimes find seeing something i wasn’t quite getting in a new context helped me understand what was going on a bit better.

Ultimately, remember it’s you in control of your learning. So, if you hit a roadblock, try coming at it from a different angle. e.g watch a youtube video, google it, ask here.
Sometimes just hearing it worded differently is enough to make things click.

Oh, and have fun!


Thank you for taking time to reply. I appreciate the advice! So, today I was practicing a bit. One of the assignments was to do this : Write a function called make_spoonerism that takes two strings as parameters named word1 and word2 . Finding the first syllable of a word is a difficult task, so for our function, we’re going to switch the first letters of each word. Return the two new words as a single string separated by a space. I understood what was asked of me, but I was not able to do it on my own. later, when I saw the solution, it was very easy and logical. That is what frustrates me, the inability to do these kind of simple things on my own. Whats the point of me understanding it but not being able to code it. :( You mentioned to google a lot, but I feel like that cheating, or same as looking at the solution. Because if I google a problem and they show me an example, I know that I should just copy that and just use different names and that is it. So it feels like Im just copy - paste. Like I`m cheating :frowning: Have a great day!

My advice for that sort of thing would be to plan it out on paper first, step by step, maybe using a flowchart.
Then start trying to convert it to code. Some bits will be more straightforward than others. Do as much as you can, then see where you’re at.
If you need to ‘cheat’, then cheat. Compare what you were doing with the answer and see where you were going wrong.
Then, give it a day or two and have another go on your own. Try and get a bit further.

Point is, be patient. There’s a lot to get to grips with, but it’ll come in time.

Definitely not cheating! When you’re learning to code, googling something and then figuring how how to fit the code you find into whatever you’re writing is a great way to learn more about how the code works. Using the docs for whatever language(s) you’re exploring is also super-helpful.

The more you google, copy, and adapt, the more you’ll see how bits of code fit together. This will help you when you need to debug later.

There will come a time when you know the basics well enough to not have to check everything, but the deeper you get into coding…you’ll always be searching for things and looking at how others solve problems. It’s part of learning. :slight_smile:

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