Python "Battleship" Exercise Buggy

This exercise has been riddled with bugs for weeks, I want to continue progressing but I can’t! It seems to start at “You win!”. Entering the correct answer and running the code gives a variety of different error codes, which seem to change randomly without changing anything in the code. Things do not change when you click the “give solution” button that appears either. Running that code also causes a slew of completely random errors to be given. When running the provided solution, the first text box for “Guess row:” appears normally and you can type an answer. Hitting enter brings up the “Guess col:” box and instantly fills it with 0 and another 0 on the next line. A similar error continues to happen as you progress, the errors continuing to appear even when the solution has been generated for you. This lesson is impossible to complete because of this.

I have submitted many bug reports, but i’m not sure if they have been going through. It’s been weeks and the problems still persist. I know I can skip this lesson and move on to the next one, but I really don’t want this to impact my learning.

Please consider looking at this lesson!!! It is bugged like crazy!!!