Python and (or) miniconda

Hey guys. So i am currently doing the data scientist career path and I am on the “Getting started off- Platform section”. I recently downloaded the command prompt and downloaded both python 3 and miniconda. I am able to access python in the command prompt but am unable to access miniconda. Am i able to use both or was I suppose to just download one or the other?

You can install both though try and limit your projects to one or the other. On occasion the standard pip installer and the conda installer have problems mixing.

Issue with the install are likely OS and shell specific. There are quite a few posts on the forums in which folks had trouble running one or the other. Try searching around to see if a potential solution already exists. Without that kind of information though there’s not much to be done.

I think the conda install docs are generally a better shout than some of the CC articles which are now a little dated-

can you help with python 3 and commond prompt? i dont know how to install them. please!

hey sorry for the late response. I think i can help. first off, do you have mac or windows?
Command prompt for mac:
Lesson Supplement How to setup the command line terminal Mac OS - YouTube
Command prompt for windows:
Lesson Supplement How to Setup the Command Line Using Git Bash on Windows OS - YouTube