Python and graphical interface

hello! I would like to know if there is a graphical interface in pthon as in other programming languages like java and how to get there

Yes, they exist, and there are several libraries (Tk (tkinter, not sure what the name is), pyqt, pyside, kivy and more, as we can see here:

but before you use any of them, be aware python is not a very popular choice for this kind of applications

You should pick the language that fits your goal, not the other way around

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For performance reasons?

So for anything that isn’t making rapid big changes (certain games) it’s totally fine?

Or in terms of what you can do and ease of use? (eg drag-and-drop editors)

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Well, PyQt (with which i worked briefly) did have a drop and drop for creating widgets and buttons and so on. Performance is a major reason why not to choice for python, there must be other reasons, given very little GUI applications are written in python.

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think you very match for help