Python and data process


I am comging from SAS. I am wondering where to start with Python if I want to process data and create diagrams? Thanks!


SAS could mean a lot of things, so we’re already scratching our heads. We cannot suggest anywhere to start but the beginner course unless you have some background in Python already. Pro subscribers have a range of more intensive courses which you might be interested in. The data science course assumes you have a strong math background (college level) so if math is a weakness, you may wish to do some brushing up.


Thank you mtf!
Maybe I should not have mentioned about SAS in the first place. What I would like to know is tips where to start with Python (assuming I already knew some basics of Python) if I just want to read data from Excel files and summarize them and then report the data in Excel files.
If someone can point me the direction like what package of Python I should look at, that would be great!


Hey Max,

I would suggest you buy ‘PRO’ as it will give you a lot more possibilities. If you want to take a good course for Data Science then I suggest you choose for the Data Science path! This personally helped me out a lot and I think it will help you too!

Good luck!