Python 3...whats best next?

Hi all!

I’m new around here, and codecademy seems awesome!

I wanted to ask you, since I have zero experience with coding, after completing the course LearnPython 3, what’s the next best course/path I can take to consolidated what I’ve learnt in this last course and to keep improving with python?
My aim is Data Science, but reviewing the Data Science career path, seems too much information for my level and also too fast since I have to combine this with work.

Thank you in advance!

If you’re into data science I recommend working on fundamentals. It’s a lot to take in so you should take it at a pace where you can digest it. I do think you should try sticking to it if you like it since these are useful skills to have regardless.

For intro to statistics (and even a little R) I recommend the book, lectures, and practice problems provided for free by Harvard’s Stats 110: Statistics 110: Probability.

There’s also a lot of previous posts here on the forums with this path question so you can find more info there as well!

I know @lisalisaj has a lot of great posts on the topic.


Thanks a lot for your answer and time, I’ll look for the previous posts about this and follow your tips.

Thanks and take care!

Check out some of the Data Analyst courses. Maybe there’s one that fits for you. It will continue with your Python learning (might be some overlap) along with new libraries.
Then, if you’re still interested in Data Science go for that.
Happy coding!


Thank you Lisa :pray:

Hopefully I’ll find the right path.

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if you finished python 3 i would recommend the skill path visualize data with python in codeacademy as your goal is datascience

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Thank you akshit.ireddy.

Good point, I had a look at it and seems suitable as it should maintain a good reuse of notions learned in “Learn Python 3”.

Also, there is some overlap with concepts/lessons across courses. If you completed something in say, the Python3 course that exact lesson will be marked as completed if it appears in a DS or DA course.

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but before you do it make sure you are comfortable with python and practiced it a enough as it will become difficult for you if you jump right into the skill path visualize data in python . u should try practicing python and doing some random projects on your own as it will strengthen your grasp on python which will make it easier for you to learn this skill path. I did the same before choosing a skill path and it helped me a lot.


You are absolutely right man.

That’s my biggest worry after finishing the course, since I’ll have to do my best to get my imagination running to invent some kind of project to keep improving and get sharp on the matter.

There are a lot of data science courses for python on codecademy so I recommend checking those out, I am currently doing learn data visualization with python, but whatever works with you should be good.

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i had trouble with imagining projects too so what i did was since every topic in python 3 had a accompanying project what i did was i did a similar kind of project with a varying theme. for example in python 3 the first project was regarding making receipts for a furniture store so what you could do now is practice by making a receipt for a car store, tool store, or even a restaurant. don’t worry about making the project too practical or realistic also try to revise the cheatsheets once in a while. I did the same before i started a skillpath. I took the skillpath “making chatbots with python” btw.

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Thank you all for being so helpful and thoughtful. Also sorry for replying so late.

Although after these months, I can tell you all that I started from Basic Machine Learning, which is perfect since it contains a little bit of everything, for those who might be interested reading this, from matplotlib, to numpy, new things like sklearn and many functions or for loops to practice with.

I’m happy to renew my subscription with Codecademy !

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I’m late at this, but there’s the intermediate Python and the advanced Python course too and the technical interview with Python ad well. I’ll be doing those to consolidate my Python and get ideas for future Python projects to practice the concepts.

Thank you fmbagnasco, good point :ok_hand:

Looking and reading around I found trust in taking the Data Scientist career path. Suits my job sector best. Then fine tuning with advanced py seems a sure thing todo.

Be well :v: