Python 3 Thread Shed Chapter 6(Strings)

I did step 6 of the Thered Sheet project as follows;
“” for item in daily_transactions:
daily_transactions_split.append(item.split(";")) “”

Is the code I use correct? Another question is that I could not achieve the desired situation in step 10. Would you help me, please?

hi @design8736036959
can you please post the code for step ten, and also what each step requires?

code should be posted like this so that people can see 
where it starts and ends.
if you are not sure how to do it, it's like this: 
there is a button that looks like this </> on the bar 
on top of where you type your reply, click it and paste 
or type your code in the highlighted area

also you should put a link to the project .
after you do that let me know by posting my username with a @ before it, or reply directly to me so I get notified and can help.
good luck!