Python 3 quiz incorrect answers?

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I’m not too sure if there is something wrong with the quiz or i’m not understanding the list quiz correctly.

string1 = "The quick brown"
string2 = "fox jumps over"
string3 = string1+string2
print(string3+" the lazy dog.")

It asks what this would look like and none of the answers it gives are/seem correct. I then put it into the codeacademy online editor and the output was what I expected (The quick brownfox jumps over the lazy dog.).

The answer codeacademy says is correct is this "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

Which is correct? I assume it is the first.


it doesn’t work like that, the answers are in a different order every time. What might be the first answer for you, might not be the same for me.

So here is the question:

with random answer order. From this answers, which one do you think is correct? And why?

I got the right answer, the right answer is certainly in the list, there is no problem with the quiz.

I know they appear in different order. I meant the first in the 2 arguments I put out.

this is certainly one of the available answers, in my screenshot the third answer, i don’t see the problem?