Python 3/Quiz: Correct answer flagged as incorrect

at the end of module 1 of the Python 3 class, in the Quiz, there is an answer that is flagged as incorrect when selected, yet it is the correct answer as is shown in the ‘corrected’ answer at the bottom of the screen (see animated gif below).

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I don’t see the problem? The middle answer gives indeed a NameError:


the question was what gives a SyntaxError

NameError != SyntaxError

The bottom answer gives an SyntaxError, so that is the correct answer. Do you see the mistake in the last answer?

Aah ok! Got it :wink:
It’s sneaky though, to have included two different types of errors as a possible answer.
My mind just focused on the most obvious mistake I saw first and then missed the subtlety of the question.
Thanks for the reply!

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perhaps, but its a good thing. This will come back later all kind of ways. For example when you do a project for a client, you need to make sure that you properly understand the requirements (what the client wants).