Python 3 or 2.?

Hello everyone, I just started learning Python less than one week, I’m actually doing well, and really having fun until I asked for help form someone and he said that it’s Python 2 and I shall switch to v3.0 (I DON’T KNOW THE VERSIONS IM BEGINNER IN PROGRAMMING). However, in a previous lesson it says that im learning python 3. I really need help, are the courses in Codecademy useful or I should look fro other courses. I’ll really appreciate your help guys.

the course teaches python2, but many concepts taught here are still very valuable. They are still the same language, you can just learn the differences between the versions


Thank you so much sir, is there any possibility to update it to python 3 soon ?

That was the plan, but it didn’t happen. Hopefully it will happen soon.

the focus seems to be on new courses (related to web development) first.


I wish the you best guys <3 You helped me so much

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