Python 3: List section final exercise not working


I’m at the 14/14 step of the “Introduction to List” part of Python 3 Course.

I keep getting an error and therefore I cannot progress to the next session. It’s not an error with the code, which runs fine, but with the exercise itself.

The exercise made me create a 2D list:

customer_data = [[“Ainsley”, “Small”, True], [“Ben”, “Large”, False], [“Chani”, “Medium”, True], [“Depak”, “Medium”, False]]

then ask to add a second list:

[[“Amit”, “Large”, True], [“Karim”, “X-Large”, False]]

using “+” and creating the new variable “customer_data_final”, which I did:

customer_data_final = customer_data + [[“Amit”, “Large”, True], [“Karim”, “X-Large”, False]]

then I have to print it.

On the right side the final list appears correctly, no sign of error.
But I still get this final step marked as wrong with a pop up banner stating: " Your value for customer_data_final does not match! Did you add the new 2d list to customer_data ?"
I checked already if I mispelled some names and to be extra sure I copied the list directly from the text of the exercise, without writing it myself. Still I keep getting the same error.

Could it be a problem with the exercise itself rather than something wrong I did? I really don’t understand what the problem is :confused:

Thanks a lot for any help :slight_smile:

Do you have a screenshot so ppl can see your code and the output?
(as well as a link to the lesson)

Hi lisalisaj,

thank you for your reply.

Here is the link:

and the screenshot


Aren’t you missing a couple steps?

customer_data[2][2] = False



those I already completed before getting stuck to the final step (7th).
I removed those to see if for any reasons it was the root of the problem, but it didn’t help.
That’s why you don’t see them in the code. But that step was succesfully completed


All solved. I restarted the browser and re-made the exercise, this time all went fine. It was probably just a glitch.
Thank you!

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