Python 3 - Gradebook Project - Two Dimensional List Amendment

Hey all. I’m having trouble with a certain part of the Gradebook exercise. “Modifying the Gradebook” instructs to add +5 points to the Visual Arts score of 93 by amending it via inner/outer indexing. I can’t quite seem to figure out how to do it without a .remove(93) followed by a .append(98).

The outcome is still the same but the instruction is asking me to amend it via indexing and I can’t quite get the code to work for it. I figured it would be something along the lines of
but that isn’t quite right either. Any direction would be greatly appreciated.

Here is my code:

last_semester_gradebook = [["politics", 80], ["latin", 96], ["dance", 97], ["architecture", 65]] # Your code below: subjects = ["physics","calculus","poetry","history"] grades = ["98","97","85","88"] gradebook = [["physics", 98], ["calculus", 97], ["poetry", 85],["history", 88]] #print(gradebook) gradebook.append(["computer_science", 100]) gradebook.append(["visual arts", 93]) gradebook[-1].remove(93) gradebook[-1].append(98) #gradebook[-1].append[-1](98) gradebook[2].remove(85) gradebook[2].append("Pass") #print(gradebook) full_gradebook = [last_semester_gradebook + gradebook] print(full_gradebook)

You have to access both indices for the items of the list.


gradebook[-1][-1] = 98

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