Python 3 Course Free



I want to check if the Python 3 course on Codeacademy is free or not ?

So far Ive been able to access the material free of charge, but there is a tab that says Python 3 course is a “pro” course and there is a message that says it is a pro trial notification and I can upgrade it so I can access unlimited materials for 4 days ?

I’m confused, please help clarify thanks alot


Hello, and welcome to Codecademy!

The Python 3 course is a Pro course here on Codecademy! Once your remaining days on Pro Trail are up, you have to get Pro yourself by buying it.

However, the Python 2 course is free, but not the same.

I hope this helps =)


The Python 3 course is a Pro course, so take it while you can! Basically with Pro Trail, you get 7 days to take the Pro courses as you please. Once the 7 days are up, you need to pay to use the Pro courses.

Here is the link for it (just in case)

If you get Pro, there are also other Python courses such as

If you are staying free, than Python 2 would be good for when the Pro Trial expires.