Python 3 course completion?

I have finished all the exercises in the Python 3 course.

I have left without completing some that indicate that they are optional but I can’t find where to get the certificate.

Do I need to complete the optional exercises to get the certificate?

Maybe simmilar to


I think you can just open the articles, then click next immediately to mark them as completed, without actually having to do the challenges.

That said, code challenges are an important part of practice, and I strongly recommend that you do in fact do them, they’re great for cementing your skills!


Yes, you need to do it. (Kinda) You just need to press next on each article and that is good enough to get 100% completion.


You are correct on this.

Optional exercises are not compulsory for certification but it makes you perfect if you do.

Thank you for your answers.

I believed that being optional they were not counted when wanting to obtain the certificate.

Between today and tomorrow I will finish the remaining exercises, it is my first course and I am anxious.

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