Python 3 - "Coded Correspondence" Lesson setup help

Need help, really struggling!

I downloaded Git Bash and completed the Command Line Course. I downloaded Anaconda and already have python and Jupyter on my computer. I downloaded the coded correspondence zip file.

I’m struggling to open Jupyter through GitBash. I’m told to type “jupyter noteboook” into the terminal but the results are:

bash: jupyter: command not found

How am I to open Jupyter in the GitBash?
Am I supposed to save the coded correspondence zip file inside Git folders to find?
I can open Jupyter through navigator - does that mean anything or help in anyway?

Sounds like you’re most of the way through the guidance on this post (gitbash is installed, anaconda is installed)-

What you have at the minute is a gitbash environment that does not have any link to conda. The guidance in that post alters the initialisation scripts for the emulated bash environment so that conda is sourced every time you start gitbash. Once that’s done packages installed in your conda environment could be run with simple one-word methods; like jupyter.

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