Python 3 -- Classes lecture improvements

To the Codecademy Team,

I have been working on the Python 3 course as my introduction to Python and have really loved it so far. That’s why, when I got to the Lesson on Classes, I was surprised to find it rather underdeveloped. OOP seems to be an incredibly important concept in Python programming, so I would really appreciate if Codecademy worked on more material (practice problems, more explanations, videos, etc.) to build a stronger foundation for these concepts for learners.

Again, I have had such a fun time learning on Codecademy and wanted to give my 2 cents on how to improve it.



For practice in the meantime, go back to the Student exercise (alice, tyler, lloyd) and create an OOP app from that scenario. It’s one lesson that comes to mind that can re revisited. There are likely others of similar nature.

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Codecademy is working well for me but, I think codecademy should make more videos on difficult topics like Loops,etc,… I stated with Python 2 which wasn’t a paid version and it was more easy and it had more content. More easy in the sense it had much simpler and broad explanation.I think PRO have to improve.


The Python 2 course does contains a Loops Unit. You can also find the course page here, which displays all the units in the course.

I agree, very specifically with the lesson on Classes. I had to go far outside of Codecademy to figure out classes. It’s probably gauche to say where I went, but there are far far clearer explanations out there. I was very very frustrated and befuddled going through those lessons.

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I agree. I just landed in the classes section of the Python 3 lessons. There is room for a lot of improvement. I am not looking for advice from super users. This is my opinion.