Python 3 booleans


On booleans it tells me to set some variables to diffrent values and it says File "python", line 2
my_int False
SyntaxError: invalid syntax i put my_int 7
my_float 1.23
my_bool True but it still says i am wrong plz help me

just a note i am 11


You forgot to put the = sign


thank you i was tired then


What do you mean by = sign?


He typed this...

my_int 7

He should have typed...

 my_int = 7


I typed the same thing But still says that I'm wrong


thanks @steve80 have been struggling like for 30 minute to get pass Boolean.


meu comando é:

My int=7

e mesmo assim dá erro..já tentei até mesmo declarar uma quarta linha como:
Mas mesmo assim diz que meu codigo está errado.
Alguem consegue me ajudar?


There are multiple things that would result in an error. First off, the "m" in my_int, my_float, and my_bool are left uncapitalized in the lesson. Second, you typed in my_float = 1,23. 1,23 is supposed to be 1.23. Little details like this are always caught in Python and would surely result in an error.


i type in my_bool = true and I get a un defined for true


nevermind I didn't capatilize the True


its not working i type my_bool=true and it give me an error


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