Python 3.5.2


I am learning python on codecademy. As additional testing I have idle 3.5.2 on my mac air and use the idle from time to time. however certain symbols e.g. ~ or ^ or even {} makes idle immediately crash on my mac.

Does any one have any idea why this is so?

Idle is a python module, so you’d debug it the same way as any other python code

Since you ask, it’s probably not something you want to dig into.

You’re probably better off upgrading to a better editor anyhow, idle is kind of just for when the alternative is Notepad.exe

do you have any suggestions as a better editor? would be great to have one where I can also see the interpreter separately - just like in codecademy!


how about python launcher for example?

No clue what python launcher is. I consider the os part of the development environment, running python directly seems like the natural thing to do

It’s difficult to suggest a “better” editor since that’s very opinionated. I use vim, but you would probably just think it’s needlessly difficult to use. Atom might be a good place to start.

You can invoke idle with:

$ python3 -m idlelib

And crash it same way as before, if you’re lucky you’ll get a location for the crash which you could look closer at. If you’re less lucky you might just get a segmentation fault or something with no other error message - you can still find out what the last line of python code executed was by setting a trace function that prints out the location for each executed line (that’s how debugger’s step through python code)

If you get an error message from the above then that’s probably something that can be googled, or just google anyway, for example this looks similar: which has to do with outdated gui library - that’s the same kind of troubleshooting you’d do with anything

If idle does everything you want then that’s fine, I don’t need to think it’s useful