Python 2 or Python 3


regarding to the courses, it seems that you learn us Python2.

the problem is:
Here they tell that Python 2.x will be retired in a not to future distance.

Will the Python course update to the standards of Python 3?
Since the “raw_input” function for example doesn’t work anymore in Python3, this could cause for some learning problems…

Also some other problems are for example the syntax: print(…,end="")
This can’t be used in Python2, since Python2 doen’t know this syntax.
On the other hand, this CAN be used in Python3, what makes coding a lot more easier in a lot of cases.

could you guys from codecademy change the complete python course to that?
Or am I missing the Python3 course on the website?

Python 2 is still very much in use. This is because not all widely used external library’s are updated yet to work with python 3. As long as this is the case python 2 will not retire.
Even if it would retire it will not diminish what you learn of the course. The core of programming is still pretty much the same in py2 and py3.

When py2 is retiring it might be updated to py3 as the standard. Py3 is already a course on codecadamy for pro users.
I dont think this will happen soon tho so might aswell learn py2 and learn the little new things in py3 when the time is near.

Also just because a language is retiring does not mean it stops existing. Besides i hear people talking that its easyer to learn py2 and step over on py3 than it is to start with py3 and go back to py2.

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