Python 2 EOL

Since Python 2 is now EOL, what will happen to that course and will the pricing of the Python 3 course be changed, since that’s the only version thats supported?

@scriptjumper28778 I don’t know about the pricing of the Python 3 course, however, if the price does not change, it is still worth learning Python 2, because it is very easy to learn the slight differences between the two from other websites/forums, etc.

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@scriptjumper28778 I’m taking the python 3 course and it is basically limited to Pro accounts. this might be changed eventually if python 3 is the only supported version of python.

as tera5288723178 said learning python 2 is worth it:

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As has already been said, the differences between Python 2 and Python 3 are quite easy to work around once you know what they are.

If you were interested in learning Python, but didn’t want to subscribe to Pro, then there is still plenty of value in completing the Python 2 course.

Courses do change from time to time; some of them have gone from free to Pro, some have gone the other way and become free. Unfortunately, I don’t know of any published “roadmap” of how the courses will change in future. :slight_smile:

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