Python - 15.7 / Practice Makes Perfect - reverse

Hi guys,

in the instructions how to write the code, there are these requirements:

You may not use reversed or [::-1] to help you with this.

however this code works fine (gets accepted):

def reverse(text):
    return text[len(text)::-1]

text = "abcd"
print reverse(text)

Perhaps this should be “fixed” to prevent people from using such code?

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Hi @arraysurfer34736,

There will always be workarounds using any reasonable method of checking code. As long as this is a deliberate workaround, it’s not a very big problem. The SCT (Submission Correctness Test) is most important for the learners with no prior experience programming, or who aren’t sure they’ve done the exercise properly.

Thanks for letting us know about it!

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I see, thanks a lot for the explanation! I’m also one of those people with no prior experience in programming and I was wondering if this is allowed or not, since it was mentioned that “you may not use [::-1]” :slight_smile:

Great course and tutorials by the way! I have completed the course today and I have learned a lot!