Python #12 If you're having


My code is getting error, and i don’t know why! I’ve sure that i’m doing this right but doesn’t want to move on.


Please post a link to the exercise. Thanks.



The following passed using Firefox…

def using_control_once():
    if 2**1 > 2**0:
        return "Success #1"

def using_control_again():
    if 2**0 < 2**1:
        return "Success #2"

print using_control_once()
print using_control_again()


Using firefox and exactly like your code:


Not sure what else to suggest. Try every browser you have in your stable.


Well, i tried on Firefox, Chrome, UC Browser, Opera and Safari. Didn’t work. I already contacted the support but they told me to read instructions and bla bla. :C


Try a reset and then once that is done, refresh the browser to start a clean, fresh session. Then paste your code in, or type it for practice, and submit.

As part of the refresh, maybe go back a lesson and just submit it again, then let the navigation bring you back here.

I know right now I’m reaching at straws, and being unable to recreate this issue have no real idea what could be the problem, especially since you are using the code that worked for me. Sorry for not being more helpful.