Pyinstaller error

I am working on a personal python project, and I would like to install the code on to my computer. I looked it up and found the pyinstaller is good for that. so I installed it and trying to use it on my code I get the following error:

OSError: Python library not found:,,,
    this would mean your python installation doesn't come with proper library files. 
    this usually happens by missin development package, or unsuitable build parameters of python installation

in the bottom there is a suggestion to install python3-dev (python-dev) which I tried and didn’t work.

how can I stop this error from occurring? and why when I try to install the package I get a message saying:
E: unable to locate package python3-dev

thanks a lot!

What OS do you use?
Judging by that error, my first guess would be to check and see if you got the right version of Python for your OS.

Secondly it could have been an error during the download, and some of the files got corrupted.
If that’s the case then redownloading it should solve the problem.

If by installing your program on your computer, you mean, same computer as you are getting that error on, then you do not have any use for pyinstaller

so how do I install it? just use install command on pip or pkg?

I’m on a Chromebook, the version of python I’m using is python3.8.2 (the latest version for all I know)

I don’t know if crome supports Python,
I couldn’t find Python for Crome on their website.

Would you happen to know @ionatan?

I think it does because I managed to download it before and run programs in python on a terminal app called termux, for some reason trying to reinstall it didn’t work but I’m gonna try again I’ll let you know if it works.

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I installed it again with pkg and I got a notice saying that I already have the latest version of python.
do you happen to know if there is a package called python3-dev?

Sorry I don’t.

I’ve run all my Python from Windows, because Windows seems to give more freedom than Crome.

I can’t even get my comebook to open the Python files in order to install it.

What do you mean by install? What is it you want to be able to do that you are currently not able to do?

have it work like an app.
I think what pyinstaller does is turn python code into an .exe file.
and I’ve just figured out that .exe files work on windows only.
resuming research… :wink:

An app outside termux?
What format does that have, do you have reason to believe pyinstaller is able to create that? Do you know how to make such an app without python?

You might have a much easier time getting termux to run your program on startup.

I know that pyinstaller makes an .exe file for windows as I previously said, problem is .exe doesn’t run on Chromebook.
I want to install the code as a separate app outside of termux. now my next goal is to figure out what is the substitute of .exe files on Chromebook and see how I can do that.
If you happen to know I’ll be glad if you let me know, thanks!

.exe is just part of a filename

what pyinstaller does is to include a python interpreter so that the end user does not need to install one.

if you could run arbitrary programs then you’d just install python and then run your script, that’s why pyinstaller would not help

termux is an android app, isn’t it? so I guess that’s what you’d be making, unless there are other formats that your host is willing to execute

termux is an android app as far as I know, and I would like to make the script in to an app in any way that would work, really…
the question now is how do I make an android app?