This module just doesn’t seem to work well. I was able to make it work after using code someone posted in the community but this I wanted to try it Python 3.6.4 but it didn’t work correctly. While trying to learn it make its confusing when the code doesn’t work in the module and the code doesn’t transfer to real world.
The indention’s aren’t the same as well.
Thoughts ?


this doesn’t matter, the indent levels can be chosen by the developer, although 4 spaces/1 tab is common

if you run a different major python version (python3), there are some issues to overcome. You can’t just copy python2 code and expect it to work in python3


Ok, I didn’t realize this was in Python 2 .


I’m getting confused on the different versions … I downloaded 3.6.4 but it
seems like every code I try and as I’m trying to creating something
functional not much seems to work.
Would you recommend using 2.7 or should I just tough out this ver?
I’m new to coding so just looking for what would be the best option
suggestions ?


new projects always pick python3, if that is 3.6 or 3.7 doesn’t matter. or even 3.5 if you want

well, i can look at it if you provide the code that is not working. One of the major differences is that print is a function call in python3, where as in python2 it was a statement. so now print requires parentheses.


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