PygLatin Exercise 9 problem


Hello I am not sure why this exercise states the code of codeacademy is wrong. Can someone take a look at this please it could be a bug?


You will need an object to slice…

var = var[1:len(var)]


I see know thank you very much.


Hi @romingart,

There is another problem with your code. Before you take a slice of new_word, you need to assign an initial value to it. See the instructions in Move it on Back.

Something additional that would improve the effectiveness of your code would be to move the following statements to within the if block, immediately after the print statement …

word = original.lower()
first = word[0]

After those statements, and still within the if block, place the statement that assigns an initial value to new_word followed by the statement that takes a slice of new_word.

The reason for moving those statements to the if block is that they should execute only if the user has entered an acceptable word.


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