PygLatin "Check Yourself...Some More" Issues?


The code I've written runs with no issues until a word is entered. Once it's been written, this error message appears:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "python", line 6, in
TypeError: object of type 'builtin_function_or_method' has no len()

I can't seem to find what the issue is and I was wondering if anyone else could help. I should imagine it's somethiung very obvious that I just haven't noticed.

Thank you to anyone that's able to help!

print 'Welcome to the Pig Latin Translator!'

# Start coding here!
raw_input("Enter a word.")
original = raw_input
if len(original)> 0 and original.isalpha() :
    print original
    print "You don't seem to have entered a word."



raw_input("Enter a word.")

you prompt the user for input, you should store this input in a variable called original


Thanks for the help!