Pygame question


Can you please advise? I made a mistake on my game and can’t figure out what it is.
Here is the link for my Colab:

Can you please advise me how to fix this so that it works?
Feel free to comment directly Colabs if it’s easier for you.

Thank you very much!

I think you have to run this from your terminal. Might be wrong.

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Hi Toastedpitabread,

Thank you.
I tried to use Colabs as a workaround b/c I’m still unable to install Pygames on my terminal. I’ve watched many Youtube video about how to do it, no success.
I’ve seen some suggestions that Pygames doesn’t work (yet) on python 3.8. Perhaps this is the challenge.
Do you have any advice?


Yes, setup a virtualenv with a previous version of python (I linked towards that discussion in the other thread). It’s not too hard to do. I can run pygame ok like this.

Hi Toastedpitabread,

I’ve only been coding for about a month.
Does that mean that I should type:
python3 -m venv /path/to/new/virtual/environment

and then on the next line:

python3 -m pip install -U pygame --user

Thank you very much,

Here’s a discussion on it:

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