Pyg latin

I have a problem in python code academy, lessons pyg latin. Every time when I push RUN, wait a few minutes before result. And it’s always show wrong. After 10 minutes, after 6-7 times pushing run, I have option to push give a code. And my code is correct as I write, but in pushing RUN result is always show wrong. Anybody else has same problem?

raw_input is a function which prompts you for input, you have to enter a word while the program is running, otherwise its going to time out, but that will take several minutes as you have experienced

Well, if you looked for similar topics, you should have been able to find them

If you can’t enter something, refresh the page and try again. Sometimes the input is bugged

Not sometimes, last few days every time. Last two days I can’t continue because waiting time after RUN iz 2-3 minutes. Only, and only after pushing “give code” is checked. And every time is wrong, no meter what I write. If this is a bug, then it’s a constantly bug. I try from another computer, but the result is same. After I finish everything I want to pay to continue, but if like this, what the purpose? And for any input I need max minut and only becouse I simultaneously learn my son…

I know, i have heard this before. I am only helping out on the forum, you can submit a bug report to indicate how urgent this is. Trust me, i have been pushing this as well

you could always see if you can pass by removing raw_input and simple replace it by a word:

original = "hello"

so that you have no raw_input, see if that works

Ok, tnx, I will do it like this.